1. What material do you use to make Cromatica’s pieces?

We use polymer clay and resin to make our jewellry. All of our earring post are stainless steel and high quality. You can find the material description in each item, under DESCRIPTIONS.

  1. How heavy are polymer clay earrings?

They are extremely lightweight. Most earrings in the shop weigh less than a quarter.

If you love statement earrings, polymer clay earrings are for you.

  1. How heavy are resin earrings?

They are extremely lightweight. Most earrings in the shop weigh less than a quarter.

  1. Can I wear my earrings while swimming/bathing?

The truth is that polymer clay and resin are water-resistant materials but we highly recommend to keep them in a cool dry area in your home where they can't get wet or scratched.

  1. Are the material durable/strong?

Polymer clay and resin are strong and durable materials but should be treated like a ceramic as it can get damage if dropped or knocked against a hard surface.

  1. How can I clean/ maximize the life of my earrings?

To clean, simply wipe down with a soft damp cloth or an odor/fragrance free baby wipe.

To maximise your polymer clay and resins life do not store in direct sunlight or at high temperatures. If exposed to heat and sunlight slight discoloration may occur.

  1. Are your earring post stainless steel?

Yes, our earring posts are hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel.

8.  Do you take custom orders?

No, we don’t. In case we decide to do it, will let you know.

  1. The pieces that are sold out will be restock?

No. One of our desires is that every customer have ONE-OF-A-KIND art piece, so we make limited pieces of each style and prints.

However, if the pieces are in solid colors, WE WILL DO RESTOCK’s.

If you have any questions about the possibility of a remake or restock, please contact us by DM at our Instragram page.

  1. How long will my order take to ship out?

Your order will ship in 5-7 days, depending which day you place your order. Once your order is ship we will notify you by email with your tracking number. 

  1. How much time will my package takes to arrive?

Estimated delivery times takes 1 to 14 business days due to Covid-19 situation. Please, remember that the USPS is responsible for your package once it’s been shipped. It is really important that you double check your shipping information before you place your order.


  1. Cancellations, exchanges, and returns?

We don't accept exchange or cancellations if your order was delivery as ordered.

Exceptions may apply, but we kindly request you to refer to our refund policy.

However, please contact us if you have any problems or questions with your order. We will be happy to help you!

  1. Do you ship internationally?

For now, we only ship to USA and Puerto Rico, but send us a message and we can make an arrangement.

  1. When is the last date to place an order on Christmas time?

On our website it will be December 15. It’s very important for us that you keep in mind that the Postal Service is very busy around this time of the year.